Pop-Up Lantern

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  • Collapses to compact size for storage and travel
  • 2 lighting modes ('lo'/'hi')
  • Multiple ways to charge: can be wound, charged by USB (extension cable and converter-charger included) or by conventional power outlet
  • Contains non-toxic rechargeable NiMH battery
  • 1 minute of winding can produce up to 8 minutes of light or resource power for cell phonds, iPODs, etc.
  • On/off power and charge status indicators
  • Includes built-in emergency siren
  • Comes with Volt™ USB Charger, Retractable USB extention cable and mobile phone adaptor

BONUS FEATURE! Versatile and convenient 2-way USB technology allows other devices to be charged from the latern: smaller rechargeable lights, iPODs and even cell phones (adaptor included for phones <4.8v).

This great accesory really does allow YOU to be totally self-sufficient out there!

Case Material: High-impact ABS plastic
Size: Open: 9" x 4.5"
Closed: 6.1" x 4.5"
Weight w/batteries: 17.5 oz
Bulb: 15 LED
Brightness: 75 lumens
Modes: High, low, emergency siren
Run time: 1 min. winding = 5-8 min. light
Battery: NiMH rechargeable built-in 4.8V
Water Resistance: Water Resistant

Part # Description Packaging
21-DY-508X-USB Lantern, Silver 4-color box